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About Us

Wellspa Connect are specialists in crafting traditional spas and healthcare facilities, both as stand-alone independent projects and as integrated services in existing hospitality establishments. We do our part in supporting the visions of the government of Dubai: advancing the city to become the preferred destination for health and wellness tourism in the world. 


Our unique one-stop approach ensures that stunning spaces come perfectly paired with sound business plans that maximize operational efficiency and profit. We have thought of everything, on your behalf. 

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Lamiss Abi Akar

Lameess is Head of Design at Wellness Connect and takes charge of interior/concept development on all projects. With a distinct flair for details she creates refined and elegant spaces with an eye on maximizing the floor plan. 


Lameess hails from Lebanon, where she earned her Bachelor in Interior Design from the Notre Dame University. She has 10+ years of practical experience in the field and continuously develop her professional skills to stay updated within the industry. 

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Maria Antonela Axinte

Maria is the Founder, MD and driving force behind Wellspa Connect. With a strong professional acuity she is bringing innovation and creativity to each project, focusing on business profitability when establishing new spa, wellness and healthcare companies. She has been successfully creating prosperous establishments in the Middle East for the past 20 years.


Maria is a well known figure among health and wellness professionals, contributing as guest speaker, articles writer and frequent judge at the Professional Beauty GCC, World Spa and Wellness Awards ME and others. Originally from Romania, she holds a Bachelor in Physiotherapy and an MBA from Switzerland.


Amanda Powell

Amanda is Head of Healthcare & Operations at WellSpa Connect. With extensive experience in building up health care facilities across Europe, Asia and the Middle East, she brings more than 17 years of solid tried-and-tested knowledge and a potent entrepreneurial focus to all new projects.

Amanda is a British national with the world as her workplace. To consolidate her expertise in health care excellence with a commercial approach, she holds an MBA from the London School of Economics and Political Sciences (LSE).

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